Members Meeting Summary

Here’s a brief summary of the general membership meeting held Saturday at Indian Trail Middle School.

  • Executive Board introduced themselves
  • Acknowledgement of the attending building reps
  • Kathy Smith from NEA gave presentation on discounts, benefits, etc. for our members
  • Paul Parise our IMRF representative presented IMRF information for us. He recommends going to retirement workshops if you are nearing retirement
  • Kristi Hillmer presented Region 61 information and let us know the region is wanting to work towards both PASS and APT doing more joint events together to build a unified front for Plainfield union members
  • Juanita Samms gave a Budget report for the union
  • Joanne Clemans presented info on the upcoming elections for NEA/RA and the PASS officers. These will be held soon with more info to come. Nomination forms are due soon. We encourage any member who would like to go to the NEA conference in June to nominated themselves or someone you know who would like to go. You have all received via district email the attachment to nominate for either of the elections along with instructions on who to return them to. Offices up for election are 1st Vice President, Secretary, Membership Chairperson and Region 61 Council Representative.
  • Bill Favero gave information on the PASS website and how to sign up to receive updates via email and our plans to also roll out a new service via your personal email for secure union member only communications. More info will be coming on this as we get closer to implementation.
  • Prizes were awarded to the buildings with the most members in attendance at the meeting for a pizza party for that building at their convenience.
  • A short Q&A was held at the end. We will have these in an upcoming post for you.

Thanks to those of you who took time out of your busy schedules to attend,

Your Executive Board