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Here's what happens when
                                          schools start later

Here’s What Happens When School Starts Later

The switch to a later start time can be challenging, but there is a reason why more school districts are taking this big step.

The failure of merit pay

Educators Drive Another Nail in the Merit Pay Coffin

Forget bait and switch bonuses: educators and students deserve a fair, transparent, and professional salary schedule that delivers stability to their classrooms.


we need more school

How Does Only One Nurse Keep 1,750 Students Healthy and Safe?

The “nerve-wracking” school nurse shortage is one of the reasons why 3,000 members of the Oakland Education Association went on strike.


RAA 2019 event

Anyone Can Be a Mermaid

NEA’s Read Across America Event celebrates diverse literature, where students see themselves as the heroes, while also seeing that all kinds of people can be the heroes too.


teach-in at the border

Why is the National Teacher of the Year at the Border?

Roughly 15,000 immigrant children are being held in federal detention centers — apart from their parents — and these NEA members say it must stop.



Engagement starts with
                                          getting students to care

How To Get Students to Care

What’s the best way to connect students to the material? Ensure learning is meaningful.



Thinking About Becoming a Blogger? It’s Not Too Late to Start.


ICYMI: Get the Recording of our Adult Workplace Bullying Webinar and Learn Strategies to Identify and Address Bullying Behaviors.



Works4Me: Ideas and Tips By
                                Teachers, For Teachers

Learn How to Create a Trauma-Informed School

Register for our next free webinar on March 14 at 8 p.m. EST to understand how trauma can affect student behaviors and responses within the school context. While you may not be able to reverse the effects of childhood trauma, you can learn techniques on how to help your students overcome them. We’ll cover tactics you can use to reduce the stress of standardized tests, how to frame questions to produce less anxiety, and discover ways we can build better relationships with our students. Sign up now.



ESP Insider

ESP insider | Feb. 28, 2019

The ESP insider is for YOU!
What information would you like to see included to make it more useful and relevant to you? Please tell us in a one-question survey.
Spring elections and ESP STAR award

IEA spring elections
For information on the elections process and timeline go to the Elections page on IEA Members Only.

ESP STAR award
Nominate an ESP member today!

Please use the online form to nominate members of your local association for an ESP STAR!

ESP Council news

IEA ESP Council announces new website! 
The IEA ESP Council’s new website is up and running! Go to to find the latest updates on what the council is doing, contact a council member, share information, find upcoming events and provide feedback.

Save the date!

The next ESP Council meeting is scheduled for May 4 in Bloomington. All ESPs are welcome – watch for details as the date gets closer.
Host an ESP assembly!
If you would like to host an ESP assembly at an IEA office in your area, please contact Alex Wallace.
ESP Connections

A small but powerful group of ESP leaders met Sat., Feb. 23 in the IEA Libertyville Office. The conversation was awesome and the group came up with great ideas on how to move forward. Stay tuned for more from ESP Connections!

Pictured above from left to right: Redelle Lawrence, Char Komperda, Leticia Childs and Julie Wilt.

ESP leadership and professional development opportunities

Roundtable on Student Violence
This hands-on workshop for ESPs, Tips, Tricks and Modifications to Deal with Student Violence, will be held on two different dates in two locations (both from 5 – 8 p.m.):

  • TODAY at 5 p.m., IEA Rockford office
  • Mar. 5, IEA Palatine office

Featured online PD for ESPs from the IEA Learning Portal

Check out these two online courses:

To access the IEA Learning Portal, go to and log in to your account. First time users will need to create an account. Or, you can access through Members Onlyfrom the IEA website.

Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center

Mar. 26 – Origins of the Final Solution: The Psychology of Perpetrators (Carterville IEA Office)

Mar. 27 – Diaries and Memoirs: Using Primary Sources to Teach the Holocaust (IEA PDC, Springfield)

For more information about these workshops, please visit the website

CAPE Board Candidate Forum

We strongly urge you all to attend this session to find out the positions of the Board of Education candidates for the upcoming election.

Board Of Ed. Candidates Forum Slated For March 4th
FEBRUARY 20, 2019

District 202 Education Partners,

The CAPE organization’s forum for the four Board of Education candidates will be held at 7 p.m. Monday, March 4, 2019 for the four Board of Education candidates seeking election on April 2, 2019.

NOTE: this event was originally scheduled for February 21, 2019 but had to be moved because of scheduling conflicts.

The forum will be held at the district administrative center, 15732 Howard Street, Plainfield. It will also be recorded and posted on the district website.

Three, four-year Board terms are up for election. Candidates include incumbents Kevin Kirberg and Heather Drake, and challengers Joette Doyle and Les Miller.

CAPE, comprising district parents, staff and elected officials traditionally hosts a public forum to let residents ask questions and meet Board candidates.


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Educators push back
                                          against privatization

Are ‘School Hardening’ Tactics Going to Keep You Safe?

One year after Parkland, it’s time to stop talking about arming educators and fortifying our schools, and focus on proven strategies that will protect students.

refocusing the debate on
                                          class size

‘This is a House Party, Not a Classroom!’

Reducing class size is expensive, but so what? It works.


custodian bob hudzig

School Custodian Raises $175,000 for Children

Bob Hudzig organizes the annual Darts for Kids tournament to raise money for local families who need help.


Denver Educators Strike
                                          for Fair Pay

Denver Teachers Strike for Fair, Livable Pay

Determined to win a fair, transparent, professional salary plan, Denver teachers went on strike, joining the national #RedforEd movement.


educator seniority

Experience Matters: The Case for Seniority

Let’s debate if teachers receive effective professional development or whether students have the necessary supports – but not if experience is valuable.


dealing with the mid-year

Don’t Forget to Treat Yourself: Tips to Get Through The Mid-Year Slump

Educators are “programmed” to take care of everyone else, but who looks out for their needs? Veteran educator Jada Jackson offers some simple ideas for self-care, plus ways to support your colleagues.


why social justice

Working Toward a More Just World

Meet five educators determined to help young people realize their value and power by addressing social justice issues in school.



Get Ready to Read Across America with our Recommended Diverse Books!


Lesson Planner: Classroom Resources for Teaching Women’s History Month



Works4Me: Ideas and Tips By
                                Teachers, For Teachers

Getting Academic in Kindergarten: What Do You Think?

Play is an important part of a child’s development, but new research shows focusing on academics in kindergarten raises achievement. Should we have play-based or academic-based kindergarten classrooms? Can we strike a balance? Share your experiences with us for a future article in NEA Today Express.


neaToday Express

Educators push back
                                          against privatization

United and Determined, Educators Strike a Blow Against For-Profit Charter Schools

The ground is shifting under the charter school industry as educators lead a national uprising against school privatization.

school bus

Teachers, Take the Wheel

To help with schools bus driver shortages, some districts are hiring teachers to transport students—a Band-Aid solution that highlights the need to pay regular drivers a living wage and give them the respect they deserve.


tips for meeting with

10 Tips for Meeting with Challenging Parents

It’s never too late in the year for a refresher on good parent-communication skills.


report cards

The Perils of Sending Report Cards Home

A study finds child abuse incidents rise when report cards are sent home on Friday. Could more parent-teacher communication help?


VA educators demand
                                          accountability from lawmakers

What Do You Get When Your State’s Funding is 42nd in the U.S.?

Moldy ceilings, roach-infested walls, and thousands of educators marching on the state capitol.


educator ethics in the

Educator Ethics in the Classroom

Everyone knows about doctors’ oath to “Do no harm,” but what is the equivalent for educators? Two veteran educators discuss common ethical dilemmas and how a model code of ethics can help educators be the best professionals they can be.


NEA cultural competence

‘Inspiring Children to Walk in Their Own Dreams’

NEA workshops can help educators reach every student.



Participate in Black Lives Matter at School Week. Find Out How.


Thanking Our School Counselors: Key Players in Students’ Development

Works4Me: Ideas and Tips By
                                Teachers, For Teachers

Creating a Positive Classroom Environment

Join us online on February 13, at 8 p.m. EST, to learn instructional strategies from our education experts on creating a positive classroom environment. You’ll walk-through ways to establish routines, understand and set behavioral norms, and make sure that you’ve created an encouraging environment for your students. Register for this free webinar today.