IMRF Workshop Link

Information from the membership meeting IMRF presentation by Paul Parise. Below is the link to the IMRF workshop page. He recommends attending one of these especially if you are coming up on retirement. Also don’t forget if you have ANY questions about your benefits just call 1-800-ASK-IMRF. We also have the link to the IMRF homepage at the top of our website for you.

Understanding Your IMRF Benefits for Members Under 40

Your Glass is Half Full: Understanding Your IMRF Benefits is a new workshop for new IMRF members under 40. If you want to better understand the nature of IMRF and why you are making contributions, this workshop is for you! An IMRF Field Representative will explain how your pension is funded, your benefits as an IMRF member, and the importance of having more than one savings vehicle as you prepare for your eventual retirement.

Retirement Planning Workshops

Retirement Planning Workshops feature a speaker from IMRF who will address the steps you must take before and during the IMRF retirement application process.

Personal Benefits Reviews

If you have already attended a Retirement Planning workshop and want more information, you can schedule an appointment today for a 15-minute Personal Benefits Review with an IMRF Field Representative who will be available to answer specific questions in regard to your IMRF benefits.