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discovery school in Virginia

Education By Design: Challenging the Traditional Definition of a Learning Space

Net zero energy use, flexible furniture, barn door walls, grab-n-go mobile food carts, and indoor slides. Meet the New Public School.

Debora Dickinson

Head of the Table

Cafeteria manager Debora Dickinson brings passion, energy, and leadership to the staff and students of Oklahoma’s Southmoore High School.

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frustrated teacher

The Latest Proposal That Devalues Teachers

Ohio tells educators to intern at local busineses if they want to renew their teaching licenses.

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Lego Education
Student walking down hallway

The ‘Trust Gap’ in Schools, and How Educators Can Help Close It

Many students of color think school is unfair, but educators can help break the cycle of distrust that can harm long-term academic success.

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high school students on computer

Support for First Amendment Spikes Among High School Students

Teens’ enthusiasm for the First Amendment is at an all-time high. Here’s what’s driving the change.

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Getting Diverse Books to Underrepresented Students

“These books are giving children of color an idea that they belong in the world and that the world belongs to them,” says Reading Rainbow host LeVar Burton at a Read Across America roundtable discussion.

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