District Letter to PASS

In case you might not have gotten a copy of the letter given to PASS on February 11,2016 it reads as follows:

Dear  John:

I am writing to notify you that the Board of Education is considering contracting with a third party to perform the custodial services currently performed by PASS bargaining unit members to more effectively manage costs. These costs include but are not limited to workforce safety, effeciency, supplies, benefits and compensation. Bids for such services will be solicited by the District on or about March 8,2016. Pursuant to Section 2.1 of the 2015-2016 Collective Bargaining Agreement, PASS has the right to “impact bargain such subcontracting.”

As you know, the Illinois School Code 105 ILCS 5/10-22.34c sets forth a number of conditions related to the Board entering into a contract with a third party. While the District is fully willing to bargain the impact of subcontracting, a tentative schedule has been developed to ensure compliance with section 22.24c, the significant dates of which include:

March 8,2016 Advertise/solicit bids for custodial services

March 21,2016 Rif notices adopted by the Board to ensure 90 day notice to employees if the third party contract is entered into

April 11,2016 Board will review and consider all bids

April 25,2016 Board will hold a public hearing regarding the proposed subcontracting

July 1,2016 Effective date of RIF of PASS custodial employees if decision is made to contract with third party

July 2,2016 Effective date of contract with third party

In light of the foregoing, please let me know if PASS would be interested in beginning bargaining for all of its members earlier than our typical March start or if you have any questions.


Daniel Thorse

This has been the only written correspondence PASS has received from the District Administrators.