Pass going out into the Community

Please join PASS members as they begin going door to door within the community to tell tax payers, voters, parents and concerned citizens informing them of what outsourcing means to Plainfield Schools. For the next 3 Saturdays and possibly Sundays we will be going door to door explaining the crisis that faces the community.

Those that will be canvasing the neighborhoods will being with a brief meeting at the Plainfield Moose Lodge at 16310 S Lincoln Highway Suite 100 in Plainfield at 9am. From there we will be going into assigned zones. Plan to be in the neighborhoods until around Noon.. We will the meet briefly back at the Moose Lodge to go over the responses as well as what areas were covered so that we do not duplicate coverage.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that we all make the commitment to help in this. The Troy/Shorewood Custodians beat their outsourcing threat by doing this and getting the community behind them.

We hope that everyone will do their part in helping us win this battle.