Demand to Bargain Letter

This letter was sent to Dan THORSE yesterday afternoon February 24,2016. The letter reads as follows:

The Plainfield Association of Support Staff is requesting that negotiations begin on a successor contract to the agreement that is set to expire June 30,2016. The Association requests that you contact the President of the Association and our Uniserve Director to set future dates to begin the process. We are in receipt of your letter of February 11,2016 threatening potential subcontracting of custodial services. In the event the Board continues down that path, this also constitutes our demand to bargain that decision. While we expect when confronted with the economic and administrative realities of outsourcing that the Board will decide it is not in the best interest of the District to subcontract that work, in the event the Board does subcontract, we demand to bargain the impact of that decision.