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School funding goes
                                          directly to the voters

School Funding Goes Directly Before the Voters

In many states, ballot measures may determine whether schools secure new funding or remain stuck in “permanent recession.”

Aftermath of Hurricane
                                          Michael in Florida

Communities Hit by Hurricane Michael Need Help

“All of us can play a role in rebuilding the lives of those impacted by these natural disasters,” says NEA President Lily Eskelsen García.


Denise Gray

Running for Office as an Education Support Professional

“If we want to bring education issues to the forefront, we have to run for public office.”


Working with the Lawnmower Parent

By clearing all obstacles, these well-meaning parents think they’re helping their children, but their efforts may be doing more harm than good.


Stepping Up and Stepping In to Prevent Bullying

A school counselor challenges us to examine how our actions influence school climate and the way students treat each other.


John Ross finds value in
                                          being an NEA member

The Power of Educator Voice

John Ross once thought he couldn’t afford to join his education association. Then he learned he couldn’t afford not to.


Retired educator donates
                                          farm to help KY foster

She Gave Away the Farm for Kentucky’s Kids

Retired educator Judy Singleton’s 130-acre property will be converted to a ranch dedicated to caring for abused and neglected children.


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