Evaluation Information

April 2017

PASS Member-Job Evaluation Do’s

Review your job description and any updates.

Review copies of any previous evaluation reports.

Keep your own file.

Request another conference date if you are not ready or haven’t received all of the material that you need or have requested.

If you believe that disciplinary action may be involved in your evaluation, contact your Building Representative, or a PASS Officer.

Be sure to respond in writing to any inaccurate, erroneous, or incomplete information that was contained in your written evaluation. Also include any positive information that was not a part of your written evaluation.

Do reject any and all hearsay or gossip in writing.

Ask that your written response be signed by the evaluator and made a part of the original evaluation. If this request is refused contact your Building Representative or PASS officer.

Job Evaluation Don’ts…

Don’t evaluate yourself.

Don’t agree to or identify deficiencies.

Don’t get involved in confrontation.

Don’t accept inaccurate information, erroneous comments, or hearsay. Request that detailed information be provided in order to set the record straight.

Don’t assume that all positive comments will appear on the record. Request that they be included.

Don’t hesitate to postpone the conference if you are not ready. Request another time.

Don’t agree to ambiguous and/or open-ended goals or criteria that could result in post-evaluation difficulties. Insist that goals be measurable, reasonable, and positive.

Signing the Record…

It should be understood that the employee’s signature merely indicates that the employee is aware of the document and/or the evaluation conference. It should not indicate agreement. If the employee believes that the signature may denote agreement, then add a statement before signing, such as “receipt acknowledged.”