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student drinking at water fountain

Is It Safe To Drink From That Water Fountain?

Find out how to make sure your school’s drinking water is safe for all.

greedy anonymous businesspeople

What the Charter School Industry Can Learn from Enron – Before It’s Too Late

The complex web of for-profit entities, hidden transactions, and shady accounting that brought down Enron may soon engulf the charter school sector.

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Upset student

Fighting the Stigma of Mental Illness

In its first big project as a union, a New Hampshire paraeducator group advocates for increased understanding of student mental health issues.

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student in school

Are All Your Students in the Right Grade?

Some research suggests preventing more students from skipping grades is short-sighted, but many educators and parents want the practice to remain rare.

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muslim student in school

Refugee Children Face Major Obstacles to Education

Xenophobia and discrimination are just the beginning.

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shaking money out of a schoolhouse

How Bad Are Vouchers for Students?

Let us count the ways.

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A Smarter Way To Search Online

Go to to find the professional support and content most relevant to you.

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How To Keep Pencils from Disappearing

We asked our experts (educators like you) how to manage the “pencil situation” in their classrooms. Here are some of our favorite tips.