IEA RA Recap


Well it’s official. The 2017 IEA Representative Assembly is over. Here is a brief recap of the RA. 32916905444_76217dc149_m

  • Day one- Open hearings on various subjects pertaining to our professions. Professional development session on various topics. Break for lunch and region council discussion.33359839970_02e7c396d9_m

1st business session. Call to order, Pledge of Allegiance and national Anthem. Introduction of officers and executive committee. Adoption of Standing rules. Overview of the RA business agenda. Nomination of the candidates running for office. Presentations on proposed bylaws, resolutions and budget. Also presentation of 17-18 legislative platform. 2nd business session was held with various awards presented and the Presidents report.33630877051_92aa9f4ea2_z

We held a region dinner for us to meet to discuss the days events.20170330_193613

  • Day two- 3rd business session started off the day. Reports given for the three pension systems covering IEA members (TRS, SURS and IMRF). 3rd business session continued with debate and voting on the bylaw, legislative issues, resolutions and budget proposal.33630915391_93eaa20d96_q

4th business session in the afternoon with continuation of voting and debate on the legislative and bylaw proposals.33634677651_7dd12d810d_m A few of the proposals required a standing vote to confirm. NEA directors report and IEA retired report. Candidate meet and greet held at the end of the 4th business session. ESP reception held to meet other delegates from around the state.FB_IMG_149101496622820170331_191328

  • Day three- (final day). Voting for the offices up for election. Final (5th) business session with discussion and debate on the final bylaw proposal and vote taken on it. Announcement of the election results.

As pictured: Al Llorens-Vice President, Kathi Griffin-President, Tom Tully-Secretary/Treasurer, NEA board: Gladys Marquez-Padilla, Amy Compton Biancheri and Karl Goeke. They will all take office after the NEA RA this summer.32987998283_bb8ab8f45c_m32987970243_74ef9eba33_m


Proposals for new business items were heard and voted on. The newly elected officers and directors gave speeches thanking the delegates. Final item on the agenda was the closing remarks thanking all the delegates for their time and effort.20170401_14114832987981273_c711587823_z