We are canvassing the Plainfield neighborhoods again tomorrow March 12. Please meet at the Plainfield Moose at 9 am. The address is 16310 S. Lincoln Highway (route 30) Plainfield. Do your part ! Be involved. We need everyone’s help to get the word out to the community.

We are also in the Plainfield Irish Parade on Sunday March 12. Let’s be out there in forces to show how concerned we are about the threat of outsourcing.We will meet at Plainfield Central High School at 11 am. It is a short parade. Take the time to be involved.

We all cannot just stand by and let the District make the decision to eliminate our jobs.Many of us are taxpayers, parents and community members of this District. Our voices need to be heard.

We were there for the tornado cleanup. We were there when the opened each and every school. We have won various District awards through the years. We care about the schools and the students of Plainfield. An outside cleaning company does not have any ties or loyalty to the community, the students, the parents, the schools. the District or the taxpayers. WE MUST STOP THIS OUTSOURCING EFFORT.