Bargaining Update

Since the last bargaining update the Team has met with the Administration twice. Once on May 6 the second on May 19. The next scheduled meeting is on May 27. Listed below are the items that have been Tentatively Agreed upon:

2.10 Labor relations Committee
2.11 Insurance Committee
2.12 Professional Development
3.1 Full Time 12 Month Employees
3.2 Full Time 9 10 and 11 Month Employees
4.1 Vacancies
4.3 Association Notification of Change of Assignment
4.6 Severe and Inclement Weather
4.7 Work Day
4.9 Overtime/Additional Time
4.9b Extra Duty Pay
4.17 Communication with Employees
4.20 Custodial Job Security
5.13 Employee Protection

The Team still has many others to address. The Team thanks you for your support as they continue to work for you.