“A Better Illinois”


IEA is working to collect 100,000 signatures over the next six weeks in an effort to get legislators to put a measure on the ballot to change the tax system in Illinois.


In coalition with other unions, faith-based and non-profit organizations, as well as small business owners, IEA is engaging in a petition drive to demand a fair tax system. You have often heard it said that Illinois has a revenue problem and the only truly effective way to remedy this problem is to amend the Constitution to allow for a graduated income tax. The first step to getting this amendment in front of the people of Illinois is to pressure the legislators to put it on the ballot.

A Better IllinoisIEA’s goal is to collect 100,000 signatures between Sept. 16 and Nov. 1.

The “A Better Illinois” coalition has a goal of 500,000 signatures. As the largest labor union in the state, we have been asked to do our share. To be successful, we need all hands on deck. This campaign will concentrate on our members and members’ friends and families. If every local union collects as many signatures as they have members we will achieve our goal. While the petitions hold no legal standing to put this issue on the ballot (the General Assembly will have to vote to do that), the signatures will demonstrate to legislators that a large number of people want the voters to have the opportunity to decide this important question.

A fair tax system is crucial if we are to truly improve education for all students. Our districts and our state must have more revenue. We need your help to convince the politicians that every one of our members, regardless of political party, expects the legislature to do the right thing for public education. Let’s show them how much we care!

Action needed:
Become familiar with the issue and sign the petition. 

Sign the online petition now!