D. 202 administrators, non-union support get 2 percent raise — Increase $102,000 less than what was built in to budget


Posted by tahernan, Community Contributor8:22 p.m. CDT, October 7, 2013

About 130 District 202 administrators and non-union support staff members will get 2 percent raises, retroactive to July 1, 2013.

The Board of Education approved the raises at its October 7, 2013 regular meeting.

The raise affects 130 staff members who were in administrative and non-union support positions last year. Neither employees new to these positions this year nor retirees who took an early retirement incentive get a raise this year.

“We are very proud of the hard work our administrators and non-union support staff members do every day,” said Board of Education President Roger Bonuchi.

“They have had to make the same personal and professional sacrifices, doing more with less over the last four years, just like our teachers and union support staff,” Bonuchi said. “They deserve the same consideration and respect as their peers,” he said.

That being said, the Board felt it important to continue to practice the austerity that helped carry District 202 through the recession, Bonuchi said.

The recently-approved 2013-14 budget included about $306,000, which would have supported 3 percent raises for administrators and non-union support staff. The Board instead agreed on 2 percent raises which will cost about $204,000, resulting in a $102,000 savings.

Since 2009, District 202 has saved about $42 million primarily by cutting about 345 full-time teacher, support and administrative positions, and through operational savings.

“The administration, led by Dr. Harper deserve a lot of credit for their hard work over the last several years to control costs, make difficult decisions and come up with creative ways to save money,” Bonuchi said.

Administrators and non-union support staff salaries were frozen in July 2009. In February 2010, the Board directed that administrators and non-union support staff pay a greater share of their health insurance. This action effectively led to a pay cut for many of these employees.

Administrators and non-union support staff got a 2.5 percent raise in February 2012. However, that increase set salaries back to what employees would have gotten in 2011 according to the administrator/non-union support staff salary scale. Their salaries have not been increased since February 2012.

Teachers got a 2.55 percent raise last year and a 1.5 percent raise this year. Union support staff got a 2.5 percent raise last year and a 2.2 percent increase this year, which was tied to the cost of living.