Did you know??

·        Beginning January 1, 2019, Delta Dental will be our new Dental Carrier

·        We still have 2 Dental plans – DHMO (DeltaCare) and DPPO

·        As with our current DHMO – if you wish to participate, your care is facilitated by the DHMO dentist that you choose at open enrollment

·        DPPO has three levels – PPO Network, Premier Network and Out-of-Network – the greatest savings will be with a PPO Network provider

·        You will be receiving an informational kit at your building soon regarding Delta Dental (attached is an electronic copy)

·        How do I find a dentist?

o   You can search for PPO or Premier Network Dentists at https://www.deltadentalil.com/find-a-provider/dental/

o   In the Delta Dental booklet you will be receiving, you will find the most up to date list of DeltaCare DHMO dentists (please use this list)

Questions? Email benefits2@psd202.org.



Open Enrollment is October 22nd through November 2nd