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Did you know??

·        Beginning January 1, 2019, Delta Dental will be our new Dental Carrier

·        We still have 2 Dental plans – DHMO (DeltaCare) and DPPO

·        As with our current DHMO – if you wish to participate, your care is facilitated by the DHMO dentist that you choose at open enrollment

·        DPPO has three levels – PPO Network, Premier Network and Out-of-Network – the greatest savings will be with a PPO Network provider

·        You will be receiving an informational kit at your building soon regarding Delta Dental (attached is an electronic copy)

·        How do I find a dentist?

o   You can search for PPO or Premier Network Dentists at

o   In the Delta Dental booklet you will be receiving, you will find the most up to date list of DeltaCare DHMO dentists (please use this list)

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Open Enrollment is October 22nd through November 2nd



More Benefits Info

Did you know??

High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) with Health Savings Account (HSA)

  1. Traditional PPO plan (PPO500)


We are excited to share a video from a few of your colleagues regarding their HDHP participation experience:

HSA Testimonial Video

This is a long video so it will take awhile to download to play! Review all plan material carefully and choose wisely.


  • The HDHP plan has the same network of doctors as the traditional PPO500 plan
  • Who can benefit from enrolling in the HDHP plan?

o   If you typically reach your deductible and out of pocket maximum each year on the PPO500 plan, the total cost to you is actually higher than those on the HDHP plan!  This calculation takes into consideration: deductible, out of pocket maximum (medical and prescription for PPO500), premiums taken from your paycheck, and the district provided annual HSA contribution.

  If you only go to the doctor once or twice a year with minimal expenses, the contribution that the District gives you can build up in your HSA account from year to year. This helps to save for future medical, dental and vision expenses, or even retirement!

  • HSA facts:

o   Funds in your HSA account include the District provided contribution and pre-tax dollars if you choose to have deducted from your pay check.

o   Can be used to pay for medical, dental and vision expenses.

o   Dollars in your HSA account rollover from year to year; if you leave the District, your HSA account and funds go with you.

o   After age 65, the funds in your HSA account can be used for non-medical expenses, but the funds will be taxed as income (similar to an IRA). This is another way of investing in your retirement!

o   Once you have a certain amount of funds in your HSA account, you are able to invest and earn interest!

  • How much does the district provide into the HSA account?

o   Employees who have single coverage will receive $1000 annually

o   Employees who have Employee + 1 or Family coverage will receive $2000 annually


If you have questions, please contact the Benefits team at


Open Enrollment is October 22nd through November 2nd


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