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I saw a study that found educators spend $479 on average out of their own pockets each year to buy supplies for their students and classrooms—and that’s in addition to everything parents spend, too!

That number seems a bit low to me. I know some educators who spend close to $1,000 each year on things like pencils, tissues, and even food for their students.

Share your story about having to fund your classroom or school and show us the receipts or photos of your haul.

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We’d never expect a surgeon to buy a scalpel or syringe, so why do we expect underpaid educators to compensate for underfunded schools?

Teachers should be focused on planning lessons for students, not planning how to pay for school supplies.

Share your story and photos of how much you spend on classroom supplies. Use #OutOfMyPocket on social media.

Last spring, educators and parents stepped up for public schools in a big way. But, the #RedForEd movement is not over. We’ll continue doing what it takes to make sure students have the resources—including the pencils, tissues, and food—that they need to learn.

In solidarity,

Lily Eskelsen García
National Education Association

P.S. Don’t forget to wear #RedforEd on Wednesdays to stand up for educators and students who deserve more from their schools!