Important Payroll Information


Welcome back to our returning employees and our many new employees.

Tomorrow will mark the first “all-staff” payroll of the 18-19 School Year.  To offer you the best service, you will be able to view your pay in your Employee Portal now.  I have attached a quick reference guide on how to access the Employee Portal. If you have any questions please send an e-mail to  You will receive a quick response.  Paper checks will be mailed out on Thursday (8/23/2018), and direct deposits will be posted on Friday (8/24/2018). 

There are a few items to keep in mind on this payroll:

  1. Nine-month returning employees may receive two paychecks this payroll: one paycheck for the 2017-2018 school year and one for the 2018-2019 school year. Benefits will be taken on both pays.  If you have any questions about benefits, please e-mail
  2. For all returning TRS Employees (Teachers Retirement System) – The district has changed the way the TRS deduction is applied.  Your gross pay may look slightly different because of this change.  TRS will now be paid as a benefit and not a deduction.  A memo was sent to all TRS employees last year.  If you have any questions, please e-mail  
  3. Deductions for PASS and APT Union Dues will begin on the October 5th.
  4. Direct Deposit: If you are new to the District or you changed your bank information, your direct deposit may not be active on this payroll.  It will depend on when you started and when the information was entered into our system.  If you didn’t receive a direct deposit, a check was issued and mailed.
  5. Substitute pay, overtime pay, and extra duty pay days are listed for each pay date on the “2018-19 Schedule of Pay Dates”.  You can find the schedule posted on the Employee Portal.
  6. Absent Balance Accrual – All absent balance accruals are complete.  Please check your balances in the Employee Portal to make sure you have received the correct amounts.  If you have any questions, please e-mail

Thank you and have a wonderful year!

The Payroll Department

Bonnie DeLange

Laura Sharp

Annette Pennington

Bonnie DeLange

Payroll Coordinator

Plainfield School District 202

815-577-4051 Office

815-577-254-0590 Fax



  • Go to District Web Site:
  • Click on “Staff “, then on “Employee Portal”
  • Enter your login information: Username and Password
  • Click over “Pay/Tax Information”, a drop down box will appear, then glide over “Employee Pay”, then click.
  • In the upper right corner choose a pay period by drop down arrow.
  • The Pay Voucher will appear, “Print Earnings Statement” is at bottom of page.


  1. Employee Pay
  2. Calendar Year Pay History
  3. Employee Tax Forms
  4. Employee W2
  5. Payroll FAQ
  6. Payroll Resources and Documents
  7. Attendance Information: “Self Service” tab, chose “Time Off”
  8. Employee Information: “Self Service” tab, chose “Profile”


 You can also change your address through the EMPLOYEE PORTAL:

  • Click on “Staff”, then on “Employee Portal”.
  •  Enter your login information: Username and Password   
  • Click over “Self Service”, then “Profile”. 
  • Update all information that needs to be changed, and click “Modify.”  The new information will be sent directly to our system.