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Top 10 Challenges Facing
                                          Public Education

Top 10 Challenges Facing Public Education

The bad news is that demands on our classrooms are growing. The good news is that the nation is finally listening to you.

When School Dress Codes Discriminate

Is that hole in those jeans really worth students forfeiting critical learning time?


reinvented school
                                          libraries unleash student

The School Library Gets a Makeover

No longer zones of silence, school libraries are now bustling hubs of student social activity that enhance learning and nurture imaginations.


more money for schools
                                          means better outcomes for

The Evidence Is Clear: You Really Can’t Do More with Less

A new report makes the case that when it comes to student achievement, money matters.


Massachusetts Educators Push Back Against Unfair Hiring Practices

Fed up with nepotism and institutional biases, educators in Springfield start an initiative to help recruit, retain, and support educators of color.


teachers collaborate

Interested in Professional Learning? Think Small. 

NEA offers over 80 micro-credentials—short, competency-based recognition that allows you to demonstrate mastery in a particular area—to interested educators. Pursue professional learning that’s personalized, flexible, and performance-based.


Have You Gone RedforEd Yet?

Be heard. Join the national movement to support every public school student.


Works4Me: Ideas and Tips By
                                Teachers, For Teachers

10 Questions to Start the Year

Retired educator Cheryl Kid advises educators to start each day of the first week of school by calling on students to answer a random question to elicit something about their life. Kids are surprised by, but love the direct nature of some of these questions and often want to add their own response. Use some of these questions or invent your own. Be sensitive to students who choose to “pass” on a given question.