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Applying Hygge design in the classroom

How to Calm Student Anxiety with Good Classroom Design

Put students at ease as soon as they walk through the door by applying Hygge—Danish design elements—in your learning space.

How ESSA amplifies support professional voices

How ESSA Amplifies Support Professional Voices

Custodian and pastor Stephone Avery works hard to ensure the voices of education support professionals are included in his school’s plans around the Every Student Succeeds Act.


the high cost of education funding cuts

The High Cost of Education Budget Cuts

What happens when lawmakers opt for tax cuts over education investments? Students across the nation pay a very steep price.


educators organize for big wins

An End to Overtesting

That’s just one example of the victories won when educators and community members stand together to advocate for students. Find out what other gains educators have made over the past year.


exclusionary dicipline creates disconnected students

How Exclusionary Discipline Creates Disconnected Students

Most students want to be engaged in school, but severe disciplinary policies disrupt learning and make them feel undervalued, unwelcome, and misunderstood, according to a new study.


Is it Hot in Here?

It’s not just you. As temperatures rise and classrooms get hotter, the lack of air conditioning in many schools is impacting teaching and learning.


Works4Me: Ideas and Tips By Teachers, For Teachers

8 Ways To Make Students Feel Welcome on the First Day of School

First impressions matter—especially on the first day of school, when students may feel nervous about starting the year. Educators can do a lot to ensure their classrooms are safe and welcoming on the first day of school. Check out these eight ideas for creating a welcoming environment.