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are charter schools driving resegregation?

Are Charter Schools Driving Resegregation?

Charter schools are among the most segregated in the nation, a troubling trend that undermines the promise of equal opportunity for every student.

Bus driver fixes students' hair on the school bus

‘Angel Bus Driver’ Turns School Bus into Hair Salon for Students

After 11-year-old Isabella Pieri lost her mother, bus driver Tracy Dean offered to braid her hair every morning before school.


resources for education support professionals

The Resources You’ve Been Waiting For

Join us online Wednesday, May 16, at 7 p.m. ET to learn about the professional resources offered by NEA’s Education Support Professional Quality department, including our series of webinars, current publications, professional learning opportunities, and more.


teachers have solutions to education's problems if we would listen to them

In Educators We (Should) Trust

An innovation expert visits schools in all 50 states and discovers that given trust, community support, and resources, our teaching force can be unstoppable.


9 out of 10 elementary teachers experience high levels of stress

93 Percent

That’s how many elementary teachers reported having high levels of stress in a new study that highlights the magnitude of the problem and its effect on students.


Early career Arun Puracken aims to get involved in establishing school policy

Behind Every Great Educator…

Is a support system helping them advance in their profession. Meet two early career educators who found support from their colleagues and Associations.



After Threatening a Virtual Strike or “Log Out,” Union Members at Charter School Win a Historic Contract.


An Educator Who Took a Break from Teaching Shares Lessons Learned Away from the Classroom.

Works4Me: Ideas and Tips By Teachers, For Teachers

Stump the Teacher!

To add a little fun to any K-12 classroom, media specialist Ann Duncan suggests asking student to find vocabulary words related to topics of interest. They can choose any word from the English dictionary, but they must be able to pronounce it, provide the definition and part of speech, and use it in a sentence.

The challenge comes when the teacher must spell the word. Not only does this give students practice in all the uses of a dictionary, but they also watch you model the steps in spelling a word: sounding it out, looking at the number of syllables, matching consonants and vowels to the sound. They love it when they stump you, with the bonus that you’ve all learned some new words!