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Charlottesville memorial to Heather Heyer

Uniting Against Hate

Families and educators will struggle to find ways to talk with children about racism and hate, and it won’t be easy, says NEA President Lily Eskelsen García. But it must be done if history is not to repeat itself.

teacher panhandles for school supplies

Would You Panhandle for School Supplies?

Frustrated by budget cuts that leave her students shortchanged, an Oklahoma teacher took to the streets and raised $30,000 for school supplies.

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A Safer Way To Keep Schools Pest-Free

NEA partnership brings integrated pest management training to school custodians and staff to ensure safer school environments for students.

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Fuel Up To Play 60
teachers working on curriculum

Quality Professional Development Still Out of Reach for Educators

New survey reveals that teachers don’t have a voice or a choice in their professional learning experiences.

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student-made fidget spinners

Fed Up with Fidget Spinners?

You’re not alone. But if you want to give them a whirl we have ideas for incorporating them into student learning.

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graduation cap sitting on money

Public Service Loan Forgiveness Under Threat

NEA calls on Congress to make good on our collective promise to educators and other public servants who have served their communities for years.

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Start the School Year with a Letter

On the first day of school, this teacher has students write a letter to themselves that will be given back at the end of the school year. The students really get a kick out of seeing how they have changed from that very first day.