NEA/RA Recap


NEA Representative Assembly Recap

  Day 1: Register as IEA and NEA delegates to the assembly. Had Illinois Caucus meeting @ 1:00 pm for a couple hours to review caucus operations and discuss our states positions on the upcoming items to be voted on. These included new business items that are known, constitutional amendments, resolutions, legislative items and the strategic plan and budget for the coming year. We also had candidates for the officer and executive committee positions drop in to campaign. Rest of the afternoon off.

  Day 2: State Caucus to start the day @ 7:00 am til 9:00 am where it was announced that we had 638 state delegates attending then adjourned to the assembly hall to begin the NEA/RA. We had welcome addresses then rules of order and were given an overview of the agenda for the coming days. Introduction of the candidates for office.Rest of the day starting to debate and vote on New Business Items (NBI’s). Finished at approximately 4:30 pm.

  Day 3: Voted by 6:30 to elect an IEA/NEA rep for thee NEA resolutions committee. State Caucus in the morning where it was announced that Dawn Bullock our APT president was elected to the position, then adjourned to the assembly hall to work on more NBI’s. Switched to new resolutions to discuss and vote on. When that was done after lunch we went back to more NBI’s to debate and vote on. Ended the day about 4:30 pm.

  Day 4: State Caucus meeting the back to the assembly hall to vote on more NBI’s. Illinois had to go around lunch time to vote for new officers to the NEA and new executive committee. Back after that to finish up discussing and voting on new resolutions. Heard a speech by ESP of the year Saul Ramos. Started presentation and discussion of the proposed constitutional amendments. Heard the vote tally for the newly elected officers and executive committee. The winners were (3 Year Terms):

NEA president- Lily Eskelsen-Garcia

VP for NEA- Becky Pringle

Secretary/Treasurer- Princess Moss


NEA executive committee(3 Year term):

George Sheridan

Hanna Vaandering

NEA ESP at large reps(3 Year term):

Sequanna Taylor

Donna West

Vallerie Fisher

Tracy Phillips

Brenda Johnson

Margaret Powell

Karen Barnes

& Julie Wickersham (for a 1 year term)


  After the announcement of the winners we were addressed by our friend of education Levar Burton which was quite a treat and caused a big stir. We ended the day on NBI’s. Adjourned approximately 5:00-6:00 pm.

  Day 5: State Caucus meeting then onto the floor to vote on the constitutional amendments. We then went on to more of the by then dreaded debate and votes on the NBI’s. We next discussed and voted on the legislative issues. After that we were informed of the NEA’s new policy statement on Charter Schools and voted on that issue. Adjourned approximately 7:00 pm.

  Day 6 (and last day): Started with our State Caucus for the last time. We adjourned to the assembly hall floor to begin voting on the final NBI’s. This was led off by adoption of modifications to the debate/discussion/voting process to speed this up by allowing similar items to be combined and referred to the appropriate committee if the makers were so inclined. This led to us finishing the last one at about 7:30 pm. We were presented the strategic plan and budget for the new year to vote on and lastly were informed of the proposed new constitutional amendments for next year. After that we had our closing ceremony and we were all done for this year.