To All Members,

  PASS and APT have met with the district about the upcoming Pay Gap. We were searching out answers to why this has to happen again after just occuring 2-3 years ago. The information we were given is that the District is trying to get their fiscal year payroll back in sync due to possible mistakes being made in the past since the last leap year adjustment. They have assured us that there will NOT be another one needed for 5 years which would be the 2022-2023 school year then again in the 2027-2028 school year. We have come to an agreement that they will give this assurance to us in writing so there can be no misunderstanding in the future. We also requested that they give a 30 day extension for fees to PASS and APT members with students in school this year to allow them to still be on the payment plan without the penalty being incurred for not making the first payment on time. We hope to have an answer to this very soon.

 They are also working on a FAQ’s memo with us that would go out to all employees answering what we both consider to be the most asked questions. Of course you will still be able to contact payroll for any other questions that you have.


PASS executive officers