3 Week Pay Gap FAQ’s

    The following is a FAQ’s statement released by the district in answer to the most commonly asked questions from the APT And PASS meeting with them in regards to the upcoming 3 week pay gap.

 1. Why is a 3-week gap in pay necessary?

The District has 28 different pay calendars to manage for payroll.  All calendars within our system must move together.  To ensure that all 26 pay period employees are not paid before actually beginning their work schedule, an adjustment to the pay dates must be made.  You will be fully compensated for the time you have worked.  There are still 26 pay periods in the contract year. 


 2. Will the first check after the gap be for 3 weeks of work? If no, when will I get that additional week of pay?

No.  Your pay is calculated on an annual basis.  This means that in each new school year, your annual salary is figured by taking the total number of workdays and paid holidays for your position multiplied by your daily rate of pay; this equals the annual salary for that position in the school year.   This total annual amount calculated is then divided by 26 pay periods (per the PASS and APT Union contracts). 


 3. When will the next gap occur and how often will it happen after that?

The next pay gap will occur in the 2022-2023 school year and then again in the 2027-2028 school year.


 4. What dates does each paycheck cover? Can I find this information somewhere?

Your check does not represent “days of work in the last 2 weeks”, it represents an annual salary divided by 26 pays.  However, if you work above the scheduled hours of your positon you will see the dates covered listed on the pay schedule under the pay date.  Please see the following examples:


August 11, 2017       *11 Month PASS start

Sub/overtime/extra duty: 7/16/17 to 7/29/17

August 25, 2017      *10 Month PASS start

Sub/overtime/extra duty:7/30/17 to 8/12/17  

September 8, 2017 *9 Month PASS/APT start

Sub/overtime/extra duty: 8/13/17 to 8/26/17 


 5. Will the District allow my first installment payment for my own students’ fees to be delayed to allow for the gap in pay?

The District will handle fee related issues on a case-by-case basis.  Should you feel you earn less than the income guidelines, please apply for a fee waiver.  Should you simply need an extension of time to pay your first installment, please contact Rose Kidd, Director of Fiscal Services (rkidd@psd202.org).