News for 9 or 10 Month Employees

    If any of our 9 or 10 month employees are interested in working this summer as sub custodians the district has agreed to give you first consideration when filling openings for the summer. Please fill out the info required for the posting you wish to apply for then contact the OMT office on Eastern Ave. to let them know you are willing to work over the summer at a school for the weeks that you are available. You will be wanting to talk to Sally Holmes or Steve Belcher to let them know of your interest and to fill out any other forms they require so the process can be expidited. A meeting with Steve may be required also before you can be considered. See the contact phone number and address below.

Operations/Transportation/Maintenance Office
14812 N. Eastern Avenue
Plainfield, IL 60544
Tel: (815) 439-3201 – Facilities, Operations, Maintenance