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Students in Singapore work on a tablet

The Secret to Singapore’s Success

High-performing countries like Finland and Singapore don’t chase narrow, short-term fixes. They ensure that high-quality teaching takes place in every classroom for every child. Find out how.

school custodian dressed as a superhero

What Really Happens at School Over the Summer?

For many heroic school employees, the heavy lifting starts after the school year ends.

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boy in wheelchair playing basketball

Proposed Health Care Bill Puts Millions of Children in Harm’s Way

The American Health Care Act would slash health care services provided by schools and drastically reduce the number of school-based health care professionals who provide them.

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Captain Underpants movie promotional photo

An (Epic) Interview with Captain Underpants Creator

Find out who inspired the characters of pranksters George and Harold and how author Dav Pilkey learned to associate reading with fun as a child.

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Ash and Melissa Whitaker

Trans Student’s Victory in Federal Court Gives LGBTQ Rights Advocates Renewed Hope

In order to use the boy’s bathroom in his high school-the bathroom which conforms with his gender identity-Ash Whitaker had to take the Kenosha Unified School District to court. 

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two young teachers working on a computer

Help for Reluctant Tech Users

Whether you’re learning new cyber skills or helping your colleagues get more tech saavy, here are some tips to earn your geek cred.

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Works4Me: Ideas and Tips By Teachers, For Teachers

Eight Ways Educators Can Use Summer To Sharpen Public Speaking Skills

When classes end for the summer, many of us may lose momentum and develop what boxers and wrestlers call “ring rust” – a deterioration of skills resulting from lack of practice during a hiatus. Public speaking and presentation skills are key to good teaching but can dwindle as educators are busy with other projects over the summer. Preventing “ring rust,” however, can be as simple as trying a few of these tips.