Summer Payroll Information

   Here’s some important summer payroll info for those of you who need to make changes to your personal information or for your direct deposit account. We’re supplying this for those of you who may have missed the email from the district.


Important information for all 9, 10, and 11 month employees


Changes to personal information, (e.g., address, phone, tax withholding etc.) will need to be completed in the employee portal by June 16th 2017. 

Changes to your direct deposit will need to be submitted on the Direct Deposit Form and sent to the payroll office by June 8th, 2017 to be processed for the summer payrolls in July and August.   Changes made after this date will not be processed until the Sept 8th 2017, payroll. 

Please do not close any bank accounts without talking with the payroll department first!


Payroll e-mail:


Thank You,

Enjoy your summer break!

Payroll Department