school buses in a row

Is This the Hardest-To-Fill Job in Education?

Districts scramble to address a national school bus driver shortage as the impact on students grows.

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Take this Job and Love It: The Upside to Teacher Resignation Letters Going Viral

How this must-read material is shaping the education debate.

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teacher and student

Your Colleagues Are Qualified. For Now

Data show that the vast majority of classrooms across the country are still led by certified and experienced educators, but with the challenges facing the teaching profession, can it hold?

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Ready Students Outperform Their Peers
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Why Are Our Taxes Paying for This?

Lacking oversight, charter schools have squandered $223 million of your tax dollars, says a new report. Without changes, even more money could be lost.

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Your School, Your Voice

Do your students have everything they need to succeed? The new federal education law will need to be implemented by next school year, and now is the time to raise your voice. Use our checklist to think through what your school needs and find out how to get involved.

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immigration protest

ICE Raid Prompts Educators, School Board To Join Forces To Protect All Students

“We don’t choose who our students are-whether they’re the children of ICE agents and border guards or the children of undocumented parents-but we do get to choose whether or not we protect all of them.”

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Monica Snell

Your Feel-Good Video of the Day

Kindergarten teacher Monica Snell thought she was being interviewed about her career. But then a former student dropped by to say “Thanks.”

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Planning for the Last Week of School? Try This.

Language arts teacher Lorraine Ryan has this suggestion for an end-of-year activity:

Have this year’s kids write letters to next year’s kids. Give them suggestions on topics to include, such as behaviors to avoid (so they don’t get in trouble or make a teacher mad), advice for getting all their work done, some great treats to look forward to that are annual events, and what cool projects the new students can expect. These letters will make the transition to your class a little easier, and it’s a way for one class to connect to another class. It’s a great practice on letter writing skills for your current students as well.