On February 24th CAPE will be holding a Board Of Education(BOE) candidate Q & A at 6:00 pm at the district office. We encourage as many of you as possible to attend and are hoping for at least one person from every building to take the time to be there. We have given CAPE questions we would like them to ask the candidates. There are three incumbents running and three newcomers.

  Here are the six candidates as they will appear on the April 4th ballot, per the County Clerk’s Office:
• David W. Koch
• Rodney (Rod) Westfall
• Robert C. Smith
• William A. Slabich, Jr.
• Michael E. Robey
• Nabeeha Bakhrani

  Please attend so you can get an idea where these candidates stand on issues that pertain to us as a union. Hope to see alot of you there!

Your Executive Board