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Tell your state Senator: Oppose bills that hurt kids, educators

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The Illinois Senate is preparing to vote on a series of bills touted as a partial solution to the state’s budget crisis.

Some of the bills being considered would have a negative impact on students, school districts and retirement benefits for active TRS and SURS participants.

We oppose SB 13 and SB 11

Find contact information for your state senator 

Tell your senator to Vote NO on SB 13 because:

  • A property tax freeze will make it harder for school districts to provide a quality education if their budgets can’t be adjusted when costs increase.
  • Reducing physical education hurts students. Research proves PE combats childhood obesity and helps with behavioral issues.
  • Reducing access to safe and affordable driver’s education hurts students who, without in-school driver’s ed, would have no other way to obtain the training needed to get a driver’s license.
  • Eliminating hard-won protections against outsourcing would make school buildings and transportation facilities less safe for students.

Tell your senator to Vote No on SB 11 because:

  • Senate Bill 11 forces Tier 1 employees to choose between two ways of diminishing their pension. It is an unconstitutional attack on pensions.

The vote could come at any time. Make the call NOW. 217-782-2000

Find contact information for your state senator