IEA/RA Voting Results

Ok everyone, here are the final numbers:
Schools that returned ballot envelopes – 29 out of 33
Schools not received as of this mornings interoffice mail :
       Freedom Elementary
       Lakewood Falls Elementary
       Plainfield East High School
       River View Elementary
Final Results are as shown below.   All counts were made by PASS members Laura Burns, Diana Luciano and Judy Miller and final numbers were verified by APT member Marianne Martinez. The top six vote getters are eligible to attend the Assembly in March.

If anyone has any questions, please let me know.
Total # of Ballots received 369

JoAnne Clemans-252
Bill Favero-249
Janet Grimes-255
Juanita Samms-244
Jennifer Peil -249
Damien Bolognani-16
Brian Castleberry-8
Kevin Hales-3
Carla Vacco-2
Samantha Greek-2
Janet DiStasio-1
Jean Terlep-1
Victor Seffner-1
Kathy VanDeRostyne-1
Robby Bennett-1
Terry Burnett-1
Christina Martinez-1
Emily Campos-1
Judith Wehner-1
Patty Bizzi-1