Contract Voting!!

We will be holding contract ratification voting this Wednesday the 26th at all buildings. Your building reps will have the ballots for you to vote. The only building without a rep at this time is Riverview and we are making sure someone there will get the ballots to members there for voting. We will be verifying the counts that evening and posting the results on this website. We will also email the results to the reps to post in their buildings the following day. I will be posting the list of the building reps so you will know who in your building to see. You should also see a post soon (Monday at the latest?) with the minutes from the Q&A Friday night so everyone knows what was talked about. This will also be emailed to the reps to post in their buildings and feel free again to tell coworkers who have not signed up to follow this sight to please do so. It is the easiest way to stay abreast of union news short of seeking out your rep or looking at your pass bulletin board. District policy expressly FORBIDS us from using school email for news (although sometimes notice of upcoming meetings is allowed) and we cannot do mass emails to members from our personal accounts or the service providers will consider us spammers. We are looking into a Business email address to determine the cost and feasability that would allow us to directly email all members whose address we have (currently over 500).  The follow button is in the lower right corner of the page on the website ( All you need to do is click follow and do as the instructions say to receive emails when new posts are available. visiting the website lets you view older posts also and there are other links at the top and right side of the page to links for other info such as, officers names and email addresses, IMRF link and other relevant topics.