New Contract Update!!

I know many members have been asking about the status of the contract.
Our last bargaining date was August 25th when we signed the last tentative agreement to complete negotiations. At that time the district’s lawyer was going to put together the updated contract with new language and strikeouts. After not hearing from her for a week, Ann Bachman-Macintosh and Angie Van revamped the contract. When we received the copy from the lawyer there were some discrepancies between what we tentatively agreed upon and what was typed up. The negotiating committee met last week to go over the contract with new language and strikeouts. We made some corrections and submitted it to the district and their lawyer late last week. We are still waiting to hear back from them. They were hoping to have the contract ratified by October 11th, but there is not enough time to distribute the contract, time for people to look it over before we hold an informational meeting, and ratification. I wish I could give you a better timeline however at this point we are waiting on the district to respond.
Please let me or one of the other officers know if you have any other questions.