Plainfield Association of Support Staff Press Release

Plainfield 202 Custodians Respond to New Agreement

The Plainfield School District #202 board of education and the Plainfield Association of Support Staff have reached an agreement in negotiations that will prevent the school district from outsourcing its custodial staff to a private, for-profit company. The following statement may be attributed to PASS President John Piechocinski.

“The agreement we’ve reached with the school board is bittersweet at best. Yes. we have preserved the jobs of our dedicated school custodial staff. But we did so by reducing salaries and sick leave, and by cutting the number of employees who are currently available to serve the students and schools.Some of the long-term employees had their pay reduced by 15 to 20 percent. Other custodial salaries were frozen. These kinds of reductions will make  attracting and retaining great employees a more difficult challenge in the future.

With that said, we want to assure the community of Plainfield that we will continue to provide the very best of service to our schools. We are dedicated employees who care about students, parents and the entire school community. We have appreciated the support we have received from so many. We look forward to continuing our service in the future,”