April 28, 2016
As a result of your PASS Negotiating  Teams efforts, and your participation at our rallies, community door to door canvasing, speaking with the community/parents/teachers and our continued presence at School Board meetings, the Administration/ Board of Education team presented a written supposal for us to consider regarding solutions for outsourcing.
Because of our hard work, of organizing and informing the community and the Board, the District and Union are closer to reaching positive solutions to resolving the outsourcing crisis.The Administration/Board Team requested us to not share details of their supposal, and have asked that we keep the discussions from today confidential. Your Bargaining Team made the choice to honor their request.
We are at a critical point in negotiations, and are making some real progress. Both sides have agreed to meet every day next week with the hope of reaching a mutually acceptable agreement.
As soon as possible your team will share details. Please continue to stand together, and stand with us