Walking on Saturday

To ALL PASS Members:

We will be going into the Plainfield community this Saturday and Sunday. If not now it could be in the future that your job in District 202 could be outsourced. Everyone needs to be involved The details of the plan to canvass the neighborhoods are on the PASS website. Please plan on helping us save Support Staff jobs.

We should be telling everyone friends, neighbors, family,  community groups using our schools to email the school board, the superintendent and local news media about what a bad idea it is to outsource. Keep that pressure on the school board and administration.

The schools will only suffer if they decide  outsource. There will be no local control by the school board. The board members were elected to maintain a standard of quality for our students. This quality will never again be met by an outside contractor. By outsourcing they have not listened to the what the community thinks about the idea of outsourcing and what it really means to have quality schools in Plainfield.