PASS Bargaining

The PASS Bargaining Committee has met 3 times to discuss topics. ideas and comments pertaining to contract items. The last time we met PASS leadership has taken those topics and put them where they pertain within the contract language. Those that attended the meeting on March 13 were given a copy of the topic list and were to share them with members at the building level. We are continuing to make progress as to what is important bargaining topics for the Association.

The Bargaining Team has been meeting almost every Wednesday to further define the topic and create language to support those ideas.

Our first bargaining date is scheduled for April 20 from 8am to 3pm.

We are continuing to look into creating a more secure web site since there are many who have listed their school email address as their primary email address.

This is a work in progress and hopefully we can have something in place where we can inform members about negotiations.

Please be patient while we attempt to make a totally secure website to spread important contract information