IT’S Time To Get Politically Active

The purpose of the GPA program is to educate, organize and recruit member activists to
accomplish the goals of IEA-IPACE through grassroots political action and policy advocacy

Organizing Expectations
• Maintain ongoing recruitment efforts to ensure at least 10 members are available to
assist with various grassroots activities
• Build, update and maintain a list of members interested in legislative and political action
• Communicate regularly with GO-Team and region

IEA Internal Activities
• Attend region council meetings to provide a report
• Submit report if unavailable to attend

IEA Legislative Activities
• Build a legislative contact program in collaboration with Government Relations (GR)
• Initiate contact with State Senator(s) and State Representative(s)
• Meet with a legislator at least two times per year
• Attend at least one legislative reception/event (per IPACE/IEA lobbyist invite)
• Commit to act on all IEA Calls to Action
• Conduct a school tour with a legislator

IEA Political Activities
• Attend IPACE Candidate Recommendation meetings (when applicable)
• Assist lobbyist with attendance at IPACE Candidate Recommendation meetings
• Participate in election activities during the campaign season (as determined by GR)
• Conduct at least one school board training

NEA Activities
• Sign up as a NEA Cyber Lobbyist
• Conduct at least one NEA Cyber Lobby sign-up event
• Conduct at least one NEA Fund Drive event

The GPA will submit three reports detailing his or her activities and provide an update on
additional GO-Team members. Reports will be submitted to his or her Region Chair, UniServ
Director, lobbyist and GPA program staff.

• Report #1 – Activities and recruits from September to January – due February 1, 2015
• Report #2 – Activities and recruits from February to May – due June 1, 2015
• Report #3 – Activities and recruits from June to August – due September 1, 2015

A mandatory webinar will be provided to GPAs explaining the nuts and bolts of the program,
specifically focusing on expenses and stipends.

We encourage attendance at training opportunities offered throughout the year. These
trainings provide the skills GPAs need to be effective and meet expectations. All trainings
will be held in Springfield, IL unless otherwise noted. Training dates are listed below.

• August 1 & 2, 2014 – GPA Organizing Training
• September 19 & 20, 2015 – GPA Political Action Training
• January 23 & 24, 2015 – GPA Mini-Convention/Legislative Training

For more information contact John Piechocinski at