Summary or IEA Board Meeting May 16-17, 2014

– Celebrated victory of pension injunction!!!

– Elected IEA Executive Committee
Annice Brave (6), Deb Klausing (4), Kiim Dwan- Collins (37), Dan Hile (8), Kari Vanderjack (28), Janet Kilgus (Retired), Eric Brown (41, NEA Director seat), Kathy Jesuit (35, ESP seat), Elston Flowers (62, Ethnic- minority seat), Beverly Stewart (67, Higher Ed seat).  Officers: Kathi Griffin, Al Llorens, Cinda Klickna automatic seats.

– Elected IPACE Committee
Elston Flowers (62), Eileen Darin (56), Bryce Cann (50), Holly Smigelski (60), Janet Kilgus (Retired)

– Approved two nominations to submit to ISBE for the Licensure Board: ShiAnne Shively (5) and John Stosky (6)

– Approved support of Natalie Copper for reelection to the IMRF Board

– Approved changes to the Election Handbook and Election calendar (handout distributed)

– Approved Committees and assignments (booklet distributed)

– Approved Bargaining Team
Ken Swanson (chair), Kathi Griffin, Al Llorens, Cindy Ludden (22), Mona Johnson (30), Cathy Stewart (1), Wendy Adams (45), Debra Ward- Mitchell (27).

– Approved amendment change to the PSRP ( handout distributed)

– Approved name change of McHenry Elementary Education Association (Region 23)

– Approved chartering of new local, Altamont ESP (Region 3)
– Approved changes to Board Policy

–  Voucher rules and forms to be distributed to delegates ( handout)

– Annual Disclosure Form – (distributed) – all Board members MUST complete, sign and return to Jamie Schumacher at IEA. By May 30.

– Application (distributed) for current and past local or region for the new Treasurer Support Committee.  Submit to Al Llorens or Doug Barringer. Due July 15.

– GPA selection – Due July 7.

– Continue gathering input from members regarding candidates for Governor.  IPACE will be interviewing June 6-7.

– SLA Board Retreat July during SLA – please make every effort to attend.

– Announced resignation of Vickie Mahrt as NEA Director as of July 15. Board will appoint replacement at SLA retreat

– polling data on primary election
–  legislative update
– financial findings from select survey of locals – charges for Internal Ops will be to review and determine appropriate board policies
– new “call center” plans
– NEA RA logistics – including new Colorado marijuana rules.
Continue to watch for RA updates from Tim Crawford.

Recognized retiring Board members for their service
Vickijo Almgreen (43), Joyce Bailey (39, NEA Director), Cindy Mickle (45), Monica Freaner (16), Don Hagemaster (26),  Beverly Love (2), Linda Lucke ( 60), Cindy Ludden (22), Vickie Mahrt (NEA Director), Katie Meyers (Student chair), Nancy Miller (14), Scott Moore (64), Cathy O’Donnell (42), Sara Partridge (48), Sara Lee Pierre (38), Candis Pomykala (54), Dolph Ricks (20), Ilene Siegel (34), Jeri Stodola (39), Nancy Turner (62), Holly Veach (12), Robyn Washington (55).