Illinois Education Association Representative Assembly

John Piechocinski led the Plainfield Delegation which included Jason McGraw, Carl Chapman, Debra Reuther, Damion Bolognani, Brien Goeble and Steve Calabrese from PASS as well as 16 APT delegates in the 160th IEA Representative Assembly.

Highlights included the adoption of the 2014-15 IEA Budget. The budget was adopted reflecting a $1 increase in the amount of Certified dues but a Zero increase in Support Staff dues. With the notification that the NEA portion of the dues will also reflect a zero increase in the Support Staff Dues meaning that the dues will remain the same for the next school year. There was an amendment proposing an additional increase of $1 to support the Score Grant Program but this was not supported and was not adopted by the entire delegation.

In  other RA business there were amendments made to the IEA’s Legislative Platform. The entire Legislate Platform may be viewed on the IEA web site.

The was a spirited discussion between Gov. Pat Quinn and Rep candidate Bruce Rauner. Topics included school funding, collective bargaining and pensions. The entire discussion may also be viewed on the IEA web site.

Delegates participated in open hearing on a variety of topics from IMRF to School Security, During the delegations lunch period each shared some highlights from the session that they attended.

Included in the order of business was the Officer and NEA Director elections. The IEA Officers were unopposed and declared winners to serve another 3 year term. Alex Wallace a bus driver from Oswego was reelected as a NEA  Director. Alex won by 3 votes.

There were 11 new business items presented and debated of which only 3 were passed by the delegation. Those may also be viewed on the IEA Web site.

Presentations were made to the ESP of the year, Teacher of the year, Friends to Education and the Human and Civil Rights award.

Also givings presentations were LT. Governor Shiela SImon, and Reprenentative Tom Cross. Senator Dick Durban was unavailable due to extended business in Washington.

Everyone should thank those that chose to give up their personal time to represent you at the state level.