On April 7 and 8 IMRF Trustees visited legislators in Springfield to see if Legislators had any questions about OUR pension plan. They ALL agree that it is the only well run pension system in the state of Illinois. There was a House Bill that had language that would eliminate the 13th check. Currently that bill has been tabled and never made it out of committee. The Trustees talked with Speaker Madigan as well as many other Senators and Representative from the House. The Trustees were able to visit many of those that were on the States Pension Committee.

Presently IMRF has $34 Billion dollars in assents. The fund is 97% funded. Last year the fund earned 20% on its investments exceeding benchmarks established for the year. Currently there is no legislation that would affect IMRF.

Watch for a change in the IMRF logo. The Board of Trustees approved the adoption after an extended survey of members. The rationale was that the current logo was being confused with the other state funded pension funds. Changing the logo at this time might help distance IMRF from the other funds.