Question: I am getting ready to retire and collect my IMRF pension. I was told that my Social Security benefits would be reduced because of my IMRF pension. Is this true?

Answer: No. When you participate in IMRF, you, like most members, also contribute to Social Security. Therefore, you are entitled to the benefits of both IMRF and Social Security. Your IMRF retirement benefits do not affect your Social Security benefits, or vice versa, in any way.

At retirement, you are entitled to full benefits from both. Your IMRF benefits are never reduced because you receive Social Security benefits, and your Social Security benefits generally are not reduced because you receive IMRF benefits. The only exception to this rule is if you earned service credit with IMRF during years that you did not also contribute to Social Security.

You should be aware that even though Social Security and IMRF do not affect each other, your pension benefits from other pension funds may be subject to a Social Security offset. If you are participating in a Reciprocal system, you should contact that system or the Social Security Administration to find out the rules that apply to that plan and Social Security.