Article 1                OFFICERS

Section 1              President

The President shall be the Chief Executive Officer, With the power and duty to enforce                                                the Constitution and the Bylaws, carry out Association policies in the interim between                                   Executive Committee meetings, sign contracts and agreement, represent the                                                        Association before the public either personally or through delegates, appoint and                                          remove members of all committees with the consent of the Executive Committee, serve                                                as the ex-officio member without vote on all committees, serve as an automatic                                                         delegate at the Illinois Education Association Representative Assembly and the National                                         Education Association Representative Assembly and preside over meetings of the                                     Executive Committee and the membership. Further, the President shall have the power                                                and duty to perform all acts generally associated with the nature of the office, which are                            not inconsistent with the Constitution and Bylaws.

Section 2              1st Vice -President

The 1st Vice- President shall have all the powers and duties of the President in the                                          Presidents absence, shall succeed to the Presidency pursuant to the Constitution, and                                  shall otherwise have such powers and duties as may be assigned by the President.

Section 3              2nd Vice President

The 2nd Vice President shall succeed to the 1st Vice- President position in the event                                      there is a vacancy and shall otherwise have such powers and duties as may be assigned                                                by the President.

Section 4              Secretary

The Secretary shall maintain the official records of the Association and assist the                                               President of the Association with any Association correspondence. The Secretary shall                                  maintain accurate minutes if each meeting of the Executive Committee and each                                               meeting of the membership. The Secretary shall also be responsible for notifying the                                    members of regular and special meetings.

Section 5              Treasurer

The Treasurer shall keep accurate records of expenses and income and shall report such                                              records at the Executive Committee meetings and meetings of the membership. The                                    Treasurer shall be responsible for paying all bills.


Section 6              Membership Representative

The Membership Representative shall maintain the records of the membership,                                                              establishing files of the membership. The Membership Representative shall work closely                             with the payroll department as well as the IEA  membership Department for purposes of                               establishing dues and maintaining accurate records.


Section 7              IEA-NEA Region Council Representative

The IEA-NEA Region Council Representative shall attend the Region Council meetings,                                   represent the Association and report Region Council meeting activities to the Executive                                                Committee and membership as necessary.

Section 8              Special Provision

Any officer unable to perform duties of the office for any reason whatsoever for a                                         period of 30 days shall submit a written resignation. If the such resignation is not                                              received within 60 days, the Executive Committee shall declare the office vacant and                                        shall name a successor.

Section 9              Incoming Officers

Within ten (10) days after the close of office, each officer shall transfer records within                                  after a selection of a replacement is made.

Section 10            Staggering Officer Elections

For the purpose of not having all the Executive Committee positions being elected                                          during one election cycle, the terms of the1st Vice-President, Secretary and                                                       Membership will  be extended for 1 year for the 2012 election cycle. The positions will                                   then follow the regular election cycle in 2013 as prescribed within the Constitution of                                             the Local. This enables that the President, the 2nd Vice-President and Treasurer will be                                        elected during one election : the next election  1st Vice President, Secretary and                                           Membership will be elected.

Article II               Executive Committee

Section 1              In addition to the powers and duties enumerated in the Constitution the Executive                                       Committee shall conduct and supervise the business of the organization, annually adopt                                              a budget, undertake such expenditures as are necessary or reasonable for the operation                                of the organization, consent to the appointment of committees, plan recommend                                   programs to the membership, develop bylaws, approve expenditures, and consent to                                  the filling of vacancies.

Section 2              The Executive Committee shall meet once per month during the school term, and may                                                 meet as many additional times as necessary or reasonable to transact business. A                                            minimum of four (4) members must be present to conduct business and a majority vote                                        shall rule.

Section 3              Meetings may be called by the President, or by the request of three (3) members of the                                             Executive Committee.

Article III              Membership Meetings

Section 1              The membership shall act through meetings called pursuant to Article VI of the                                                                 Constitution and may form and dissolve such committees and exercise such powers as                                                 are not inconsistent with the Constitution and Bylaws.

Section 2               Upon proper motion and the approval of a majority of the members present and voting,                            any proposal may be submitted to a secret written ballot.

Article IV              Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee shall encourage members to run for office. For the                                                                Association’s Officer Election, the Committee will present a full slate of nominees for the                             election as well as accepting nominations from members in good standing. For the                                                 purpose of continuity and in the best interest of the Association, nominees for the                                   President must have at least 1 year prior experience on the Executive Committee.

Section 3              The Nominating Committee shall conduct any election by secret ballot, announce                                            election results to the membership and supervise the counting of ballots and certify the                                              winners. If the event that there is no candidate that received a majority of votes cast for                                             a particular office, the Nominating Committee shall immediately conduct a run-off                                              election between the two (2) candidates who had received the highest number of votes                                  for that office.

Section 4              The Nominating Committee shall conduct the election for the Association Officers, for                                  the delegates to the IEA-NEA Region Council. the election for the delegates to the IEA-                                         NEA Representative Assembly according to the bylaws of the IEA-NEA and the election                                          for the delegates to the NEA Representative Assembly in according to the NEA bylaws.

Article V               Dues

Section 1              The Executive Committee shall establish an annual local dues. The IEA-NEA dues shall be                              transmitted to the IEA-NEA as per IEA-NEA policies

Section 2              The Books and records of the organization shall be open to inspection upon resonable                                  requests.


Article VI              Committees

Section 1              Committees may be established on a permanent  and an ad hoc basis.

Section 2              The President shall appoint members to any committee and name a committee chair                                     with the consent of the Executive Committee.

Article VII            Amendments of Bylaws

Section 1              Revisions of these bylaws shall be presented by the Executive Committee to the full                                      membership at a regular or special meeting and a majority vote of those present shall                                   rule.






Approved and Amended 05/07/2011