The first few minutes or hours following an incident that poses a threatening outcome for a member is often filled with trauma which hinders clear thinking:

It is vital that members be warned against taking precipitous and potentially unwise actions.

Warn Members:

Not to make spontaneous responses to charge brought against them.

Not to appear at any accusatory hearing ( including a meeting with an administrator) unless accompanied by an Association Representative

Not to attempt to defend themselves alone

Not to accept “an opportunity to resign”

Not to submit any written statement to administrators or school directors

Not to refuse to carry out an order of an administrator, even though doing so would violate the contract ( the Uniserve Director will advise the member concerning exceptions to this rule).

Advise the affected member:

To write down immediately everything that happened. A narrative including name, date, location, and names of involved persons, witnesses and actual words spoken.

To get advice early from Building Representatives and “not wait to see what happens”.

To keep copies of all corespondence and papers relating to the situation