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vaping is on the rise in schools

Vaping in Schools: 3 Million Students and Counting

While federal officials mull over their options for tackling this epidemic, educators are on the front lines of efforts to curb students’ e-cigarette use.

Our crumbling public school infrastructure

Our Crumbling Schools

No heat, leaky roofs, spotty Internet access: the state of our aging and unfunded public school facilities.


Rochelle Galindo

Meet Rochelle Galindo

School custodian, city council member, and now state house representative in Colorado.


Burned down school in California

California Communities Need Our Help

Wildfires have caused massive devastation and ravaged communities throughout California. Here’s how you can give and find help.


Me Too movement at schools

Want to Prevent Harassment and Assault in Schools? Listen to Students.

How school administrators, educators, students, and parents can open up a discussion and address sexual harassment in schools.


what we learned from election 2018

Five Things We Learned from Election 2018

As educators look ahead to the next two years and the 2020 presidential election, here are some of the midterm’s key issues, trends, and takeaways.


substitute educator

What Happens When Substitute Educators Join the Union?

Called in to caulk the gaps in the educator workforce, substitutes need professional respect and benefits.



Research shows that strong partnerships and collaboration between school boards and labor organizations can be a true game-changer for school and students. Commit to collaborate in the name of student success!


Curriculum Resources for Teaching Around the Holidays.

Works4Me: Ideas and Tips By Teachers, For Teachers

10 Tips to Manage Your Workload as a New Educator

Help out the new teachers in your school by encouraging them to join our panel of early career educators on December 13 as they share reflections and strategies on managing teacher workload and balancing professional expectations with the realities of life. Registration is free for this December 13 webinar at 8 p.m. ET. Sign up now.


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Educator ran and won key
                                          races in 2018 elections

Victory! Educators Ran and Won in Critical Races Across the Country

The historic wins of Election 2018 include hundreds by educators who will serve in state legislatures, where critical education decisions are made.

Let's set the record

How to Talk Turkey with the Education Critics at your Thanksgiving Table

When your profession and your association are called into question, here’s what to say to set the record straight.


Thank You ESPs

Celebrating American Education Week and an Awesome Group of Educators

This week is the perfect reminder that educators across the nation are dedicated to nurturing and supporting all students.


What do schools need?
                                          More money and strong unions,
                                          say Millennials

What Does Public Education Need? Millennials Have the Answer

Millennials came out strong on election day. If they stay engaged, it could be great news for public education, a new survey suggests.


How Educator Voice Wins
                                          Fair Contracts

What Happened After 2,980 Teachers Said ‘Strike’?

California union and district leaders turn “conflict and chaos” into “collaboration and cooperation” to win a fair contract.


The bittersweet
                                          experience of teaching

The Bittersweet Experience of Teaching Abroad

Educators working on military bases overseas love experiencing other cultures and serving the families of those who serve our country. But recent changes by the current administration are making it harder to stay.


NEA Leadership Summit

Why Leadership Development Matters for Educators

NEA offers members an opportunity to meet their professional learning and leadership needs with resources, a Leadership Competency Framework, and our annual Leadership Summit.


Special Message from Lily


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You have probably heard that there’s an election coming up on Tuesday, November 6.

We hope you’ll check out this message about voting from NEA President Lily Eskelsen García. Then, find the public education champions on your ballot.

Students deserve better than tattered textbooks and educators that have to work two or three jobs. That’s why the National Education Association is recommending more than 350 candidates for public office—candidates who will make a difference in students’ lives by making sure they have the resources they need to learn and unlock their potential.

On November 6 (and in every election), be an education voter and #Vote4Ed!

In solidarity,

The NEA Education Votes Team

P.S. Show your friends and family that you’re an education voter! Add the “I Vote 4 Ed” sticker to your profile photo on Facebook.

A Project of the National Education Association
1201 16th Street NW
Washington, DC 20036-3290


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Why We Are RedforEd

More than 1,500 Educators Are Running for Political Office in 2018

The #RedforEd Movement has launched an unprecedented wave of activism, and it won’t end after the elections.

cyber charter schools

How Bad Do For-Profit, Virtual Charter Schools Have to Get?

Poor performance and shoddy financial practices have plagued the sector for years. Political pressure may finally bring oversight and accountability.


Perisistence Literally
                                          Pays for ESPs

How Did These Education Support Professionals Win 22 Percent Raises?

Hard work, advocacy, and persistence result in double-digit wage hikes as Washington state officials honor a Supreme Court order to properly fund public schools.


Communicating with

Three Online Tools to Connect with Parents

Good communication requires more on-the-go methods to help reach parents where they already are, on their phones or computers. Here are our recommendations.


Student Journalism

With the Free Press Under Attack, Student Journalists Thrive

Journalism teachers are helping students understand that a free press is not “the enemy of the people,” but a pillar of Constitutional democracy.


ESP Day Is Coming. Are You Ready?

Let education support professionals know how much we appreciate all they do for students and their colleagues with our easy-to-use, downloadable thank-you cards.


More Top Stories

Educators Love a Plan. With Worksheets. So Here’s Ours to Help You Plan for the Midterm Elections.


How Parents, Students, Educators, and their Allies Are Fighting Systemic Racism in Schools.

Works4Me: Ideas and Tips By
                                Teachers, For Teachers

Top 5 Strategies to Support K-12 English Language Learners

Join us online on November 8 at 8 p.m., ET, to discover research-based ELL strategies to support ELL learning and achievement. Learn explicit skill instruction, student-directed activities, instructional strategies that enhance understanding, and how to provide opportunities for students to practice. Sign up now.