Dear Members,
      Don’t forget that the appointments for the second Covid vaccine are coming up this week and next. You still have time to make appointments for next weeks time slots for either the shots at Joliet West or in Kendall County. Also see the info below for the remote learning days for some staff on the Thursday following the Joliet West appointments.

Good afternoon, 

As you know, over 1,000 of our staff are receiving their second COVID-19 vaccine on March 10th and over 1,000 more will receive their second dose on March 17th
Many individuals have more severe symptoms following their second dose of the vaccine. Symptoms can be uncomfortable and at times intense, however, most individual’s symptoms went away after a day. 

For this reason, the district is changing March 11th and March 18th to Remote Learning – Synchronous days.   
The district is concerned that if even 20% of the staff who receive their second dose have significant symptoms, we will need 200 substitutes.  At this time, we do not have enough substitutes to cover a high number of staff absences. 

  • This will allow staff a day to recover from the second dose at home while still providing synchronous instruction to our students.
  • Staff who truly are too ill to provide synchronous instruction will need to take a sick day and post asynchronous lessons.

Staff will be required to provide synchronous remote learning on these days.  Staff who are unable to provide synchronous remote learning due to significant symptoms, must put in for a sick day and post asynchronous lessons for students.  
   Employees in certain categories who are unable to work remotely, (ie. Lunchroom supervisors, custodians, etc.) are expected to report to work in person on March 11th and 18th.  If any of these individuals are unable to report to work due to symptoms following the vaccine, they will need to take a sick day. 

Mina Griffith
Assistant Superintendent for Student Services
Plainfield CCSD 202

Wash hands often, Practice social distancing, Wear a mask, Stay home if you are sick, Appropriately cover coughs and sneezes
Illustration: washing hands with soap and water