Benefits for Members From IEA

Dear Members,
There are many discounts available at regional and area business that can help members save money at a variety of places. These include among other things dining, health and beauty, home and garden, movies, automotive and shopping just to name a few. You can access these on the IEA website under the discounts and deals section in the member center tab. All that is needed is to sign up at their website with a user name and password to access these benefits. There is also a mobile app available to download that alerts you to deals while you are out and about and apply the coupons at checkout. Please see the information below and visit the website at to take advantage of this great opportunity.

Discounts and Deals

The Discounts & Deals program combines the power of more than 500 world-class brands with the advantage of local merchants in communities throughout Illinois and the USA. With a collection of more than 300,000 discount providers, the program offers unparalleled value of up to 50 percent off at the places you shop every day in categories like: Dining, shopping, hotel and travel, car rental, movies and entertainment, outdoor recreation, home and garden, health and beauty, and auto service.
Click the button to get your discounts and deals!

Get the Free My Deals App

Now you can enjoy your member savings through the convenience of a mobile app! Whether you’re close to home or on the road, simply look for participating locations on your mobile device then show the mobile coupon at checkout to redeem the offer. It’s that easy! Click on the link on the website to get the right app for your phone.
The app is free to download but must be unlocked. As a member of IEA-Illinois Education Association, you are authorized to use this app. The app is available 24 hours after you have registered your membership online.

Once you download and open the app on your mobile device, you will be asked to enter your email address and a mobile password.
This is your unique mobile password and should be entered exactly as displayed below including all characters: