1/21/2021 Update

  We understand the emotion many are feeling right now about the entire return to school situation. The district has created a plan to start bringing students back in the building. As a result, in order for the organization to run, we need the adults in the building, too. It is the district responsibility to make sure we are creating a safe and healthy environment for our students and staff, even in the midst of a pandemic.  

  A lot of work has gone into getting our buildings ready for the students and staff.  I ask that you reach out to the building administration to get an idea of how your work environment will look different.  You will learn about all the PPE available, the signs posted, decals on the floors, classrooms looking much different, modified/flexible work schedule and a very limited number of students returning each day to the classroom. This pandemic has impacted all of us, for different reasons.  We need our employees who have made special connections with our students, working with our students.  

That being said, we have worked with the district to ensure the buildings are as safe as possible for all students and staff to return. All staff have been issued washable facemasks, hand sanitizer is readily available, hallways have been designated as one way only where possible, desks have been set up for social distancing, air filtration has been upgraded and rooms are being thoroughly cleaned and disinfected daily just to name some of the things that are in place. There are also sections in the Staff Covid handbook that is on the employee intranet that details ALL the things being done. The newest data is showing that schools are not the major spreaders of covid like first thought. There are enough students and staff back in other local districts that are doing so in a safe and secure manner.  

  All PASS members are expected to return to the buildings when the students return. If you have any questions about your return date or times expected to work during the day please reach out to your administrator. 

IEA (Illinois Education Association) Membership  

  PASS has worked tirelessly during this time to make sure that all PASS employees have been able to maintain their jobs and benefits during the pandemic.  

  For our dues paying members, IEA membership cards have been delivered to your mailbox in your respective buildings. If you did not receive a card, please reach out to Stephanie Jerabek, Membership Chair at sjerabek@psd202.org. These cards have your IEA member number and can be used on the IEA and NEA websites to create an account where you can access union information and discounts exclusive to dues paying members. Information can be found at: https://ieanea.org/ 

  If you are not a dues paying member and would like more information about joining the union you can also reach out to Stephanie Jerabek, Membership Chair, or any other member of the PASS Executive Board.


PASS Executive Board 

JoAnne Clemans, President 



Special Education Paraprofessional, Plainfield Academy/Plainfield Central High School 

Bill Favero, 1st Vice President, Region 61 IEA Representative 



Operations and Maintenance, Plainfield Central High School 

Troy Vacherlon, 2nd Vice President 



Operations and Maintenance, OMT Building 

Jen Peil, Secretary 



Special Education Paraprofessional, Bonne McBeth Learning Center 

Juanita Samms, Treasurer, Region 61 IEA Representative 



Special Education Paraprofessional, Bonnie McBeth, Freedom Elementary School 

Stephanie Jerabek, Membership Chair 



Assistant Principal Secretary, Charles Reed Elementary 

Office Staff – Secretaries/Clerks/Registrars/Bookkeepers/Nurses 

  On January 25th, once students return to school, all office staff, Secretaries, Clerks, Media Clerks and Nurses will be expected to return to work full time in the building for the entire day. With that being said, the office staff and Nurses may work from home on Wednesdays (it can be on a rotation with all office staff), however we need the offices staffed each day Monday through Friday. Please work with your administrator to work out a schedule for your office. 


  As discussed previously when we had students return to school in November, when there is a nurse absent from a building that leaves that building with no nurse, we will first utilize our permanent subs and outside subs to fill the position. If there are no subs available, we will then go to our high school RNs, BSN-RNs, and our certified nurses in the district to fill any open position. Anytime you are asked to go to another building for the day, please know that you will not be asked to work longer than your contracted hours for the day.  

Special Education Paraprofessionals/Paraprofessionals

  Paraprofessionals in all programs are expected to return when the students they service return to school. If you work in a multi needs room and any of the students from your class return you are expected to be back in the building on 1/25/21. While some of our students will remain remote learners, staff are expected to be in the buildings Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday. There MAY be opportunities to work remotely from home, however this will be determined on a case by case basis based on needs of the program and the employees working in the program. The district is in the process of determining staffing. Please plan on returning to the building when your students are expected to return. If you do not know when this is, please reach out to your building administrator for more information. There also may be the possibility of finishing your work day from home if you are able to do the functions of your job remotely.  

Campus Monitor/Lunchroom Supervisor 

   A big THANK YOU to our Campus Monitors and Lunchroom Supervisors who have remained on the job in the buildings during this unprecedented time. You have stepped up to do all the odd tasks that have been asked of you. It has not gone unnoticed or unappreciated! 

Custodial Staff 

  With all Staff and Students coming back next week, we need to make sure we are prepared. All custodians are required to wear a N95 or Kn95 mask, safety glasses or face shield and gloves anytime cleaning is being done. Once staff and students return, continue to spray touch points throughout the building, once during late morning and again early afternoon. Restrooms should continue to be disinfected each hour. When working as a team we can ensure that all buildings are safe for all staff and students. Each and every one of you play a huge part in this process. We truly appreciate all your efforts!  


   Thank you to all the maintenance and grounds guys who have continued to maintain our buildings in the absence of staff and students and have made modifications to our air handling/exchange for our safety. Our buildings wouldn’t survive without you! 

Zoom Room 

  Zoom Rooms are still in the process of being figured out for any building that has the need for this benefit.  The room will be open 15 minutes before school starts until the students who are in attendance that day for in person learning are dismissed for the day. All staff have the ability to bring their children to the Zoom Room for the four days a week that students are in school. If your work hours run later than that you may have your child remain at work with you. You would need to work with your administration to come up with a place for them to be in the building that does not interrupt your work. 

JoAnne Clemans

President, PASS

Special Ed. Paraprofessional

Plainfield Academy

23930 W. Lockport St.

Plainfield, IL 60544